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SW BUZZ Siding Contractors has been serving Naperville for many years. We offer excellent vinyl siding installation, James Hardie siding installation, aluminum siding installation, and LP Smartside siding installation. All of these materials are great in handling Naperville weather without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home. Our siding contractors are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with all of our clients and serving them better to meet the desired outcome.

For our siding contractors in Naperville, it is more than a trade, rather a carefully crafted art form that we incorporate to each of our siding installation and siding replacement projects.

Professional Siding Services We Offer

01. Siding Installation Naperville, IL  

If you need siding installation in Naperville, look no further than SW BUZZ Siding Contractors. Our siding company has been providing excellent siding installation for years. Our siding installers are experienced and highly skilled in providing the best siding installation service in Naperville. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and completing our project in time, efficiently, and effectively. SW BUZZ Siding Contractors is focused on using the best products, cutting edge, and modern techniques for our siding installation

02. Siding Replacement Naperville, IL

Upgrade your home with new sidings with the help of SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville. Siding replacement will add curb appeal to your home and can instantly upgrade the value of your home. Our professional siding contractors in Naperville will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect siding for your home. Whether you choose aluminum, vinyl siding, LP Smartside siding, or James Hardie siding, we will handle everything from removing the current sidings to installing your brand new sidings

Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding from
BUZZ Siding Contractors Naperville, IL

Easy to Install
Apart from being one of the most viable options regarding house aesthetic decorations in Naperville, it is also in the installation sense, since its light weight makes the siding installation procedure more practical to do.
Another advantage that vinyl and hardie board sidings have is that they are able to withstand even the fiercest natural forces – such as climate, insects and rot- while protecting your Naperville house, which makes it practically immune to any type of damage.
Low Maintenance
Vinyl and hardie board sidings features translate into lower maintenance costs and simple cleaning procedures for Naperville home owners, as they are resistant to harmful factors.
The most important aspect of it is that the siding has proven to be efficient in their work of controlling the effects of thermal energy that the house may suffer over time.
Thanks to its insulating layers that have passed the strictest reviews regarding cable fire protections, You can be sure that your house is safe through all the year.
If you want to make your choices, please contact us to have a possibility of choosing between dozens of shapes, styles and colours and work with the best siding contractors!

Types of Siding Offered by SW BUZZ Siding Contractors Naperville, IL

When it is time to upgrade your siding, choosing what kind of replacement siding can be challenging. The choices available are extensive. Our siding contractors in Naperville have put this guide to help you familiarize yourself with the different types of siding SW BUZZ Siding Contractors offers.

James Hardie Siding Naperville, IL

This fiber cement material is durable, beautiful, and easy to take care of because it requires minimal work to maintain its quality. It is also eco-friendly that will last for years. James Hardie siding in Naperville will make your home stand out from the rest.

Vinyl Siding Naperville, IL

Vinyl siding is popular because it is affordable, versatile, easy to handle, and install. Our siding company in Naperville offers vinyl siding in various colors and textures, which can mimic wood shingles, stone, and wood-grain lap siding.

Aluminum Siding Naperville, IL

Aluminum siding in Naperville is affordable, made of sturdy material, eco-friendly, and requires low maintenance. It also works as an excellent insulator during hot and cold months. Our siding installation in Naperville can install it for you properly to last up to 50 years.

LP Smart Side Naperville, IL

LP SmartSide is durable and made of wood strands coated with max to resist moisture. Each plank is finished with a resin-saturated overlay. Zinc-borate is added during the manufacturing process to protect against rot and insect infestation. We are the siding contractors you can trust.

How to Tell When It’s Time for New Siding

Regardless of the materials that protect your home, it will need regular maintenance and eventually needs to be replaced. Our siding company can help you with that. There is a variety of telling signs that can help determine whether it’s time to replace your sidings. You can conduct regular inspection to your home’s sidings to get a better picture of the condition. Here is what you need to look for:

  • Dents, chips, and cracks
  • Damage from birds and other animals
  • Dry Rot
  • Mildew, fungus, and mold

Aside from aesthetics, sidings are your home’s first line of defense against moisture. If you notice some of these signs in your sidings, please feel free to reach out to SW BUZZ Siding Contractors. Our sidings contractors in Naperville are here to help you with all the sidings installation and siding replacement you may need. Call us today.  

  • Bubbling or blistered siding
  • Severe fading
  • Repeated painting
  • Your energy cost are out of control


If you think you may need a siding installation or replacement call us at (331) 215-8815 or click for a free quote!


Why Choose Our Siding Contractors in Naperville, IL

Skilled contractors

Whether you choose James Hardie Siding, Vinyl Siding, or other siding materials, you can rest assured that our siding contractors in Naperville are knowledgeable and highly-skilled on the latest trends and materials about siding installation and replacement. 

Licensed & Insured

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors is fully licensed and insured because we are dedicated to giving you peace of mind. We’re qualified and have good coverage of protection for you and your home. 

Years of experience

Our siding company in Naperville has years of experience in the siding installation and replacement industry. Our siding contractors know what they are doing regardless of the material you choose and understand neighborhood curb appeal trends.

Free Estimate

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors will be happy to provide you information about our siding services and products or have our siding contractors contact you regarding your siding installation or replacement and provide a free estimate. 

Best quality service

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville is committed to installing only top-quality products and materials for our work’s high-quality results. We are also certified in the proper handling and installation of any siding materials in Naperville. 

Fast & Efficient

Our siding contractors are skilled and experienced in siding installation and replacement; you can enjoy a fast and efficient project when working with SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville in a short time. 

You can count with SW BUZZ Siding Contractors for your siding installation and replacement in Naperville & local areas. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are working with professionals siding contractors that put your needs and budget firsts.

What Our Clients Say About SW BUZZ Siding Contractors

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.

Matthew Norris, Naperville, IL
The entire Hardie siding installation process was easy and straightforward. These siding contractors in Naperville were excellent and affordable. I’m confident that I made an excellent investment in my house. I highly recommend SW BUZZ Siding Contractors!
Timothy Cooper, Naperville, IL
This vinyl siding installation team did a fantastic job! With SW BUZZ Siding Contractors installation was affordable and made a big difference in the look of our entire house. I would gladly recommend this siding company in Naperville!
Regina McRae, Naperville, IL
We got James Hardie siding installed in our house, and we’re happy about it! It’s durable and affordable. SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville were also professional and accommodating. I would rate them beyond ten on the scale!

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Siding Contractors Naperville, IL

Do you have wide experience with siding installation in Naperville? 

Regardless of the state of your home, you want to hire siding contractors in Naperville with great experience when it comes to different siding work including installation and replacement.

Do you perform Hardie siding installation in Naperville?

Sidings come in different types, textures, and colors. James Hardie is a premium brand. Hire a professional siding contractor from Naperville to install your James Hardie siding with precision.

What are the payment options for your siding services?

Most siding companies offer different payment options to help clients pay conveniently. Know your options before settling with a siding company near you in Naperville. For professional work done, consult us at SW BUZZ Siding Contractors anytime!

Do you provide siding guarantees or warranties? 

A reputable siding company in Naperville will offer a warranty or guarantee with their work done. In case the result is not at par with your expectations, they can redo the work to your satisfaction.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding Naperville

Questions about how to correctly clean vinyl siding are asked very frequently of SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville.  Siding is a great solution that can limit the maintenance required over the years.

But as siding in Naperville must endure weather, dust, and dirty hands, it requires a good cleaning now and then, just like your car.

Vinyl siding can look rundown with a dirty film, similar to any other surface. To ensure it continues to look new, wash your siding in Naperville to eliminate that film. Washing is recommended by every vinyl siding manufacturer. Many suggest using a hose a few times a year to wash off that grimy buildup.

At least each year, it’s best to scrub down your siding for a fresh clean look. But if you have trouble doing that we highly recommend stocking up with some siding cleaning tools. It’s truly beneficial because washing your siding is much easier than painting it to achieve that look of a new siding installation in Naperville also buying tools for cleaning is cheaper than hiring painters.

What To Know About Vinyl Siding Replacement Naperville, IL

Whether it’s vinyl siding or James Hardie board siding, SW Buzz Siding Contractors of Naperville is your best choice for siding installation, siding removal, and siding replacements.  Now, is it possible to simply repair damaged vinyl siding? The short answer is YES. But why spend the money to repair damage when it’s actually more cost-effective to do a vinyl siding removal and replacement. SW Buzz Siding Contractors in Naperville always recommends that you take the easier and more economical route of simply replacing damaged vinyl siding. How is it more cost effective?

Vinyl siding is engineered to be replaceable. Simply find the seam between two pieces, using a specialized tool we pop one piece off and then one by one we replace the damaged sections. All SW Buzz Siding Contractors Naperville are specifically trained at removal and replacement of damaged siding. Call us today for your free estimate on replacing your damaged siding!

Why We Work With James Hardie Siding Naperville, IL

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors Naperville works with James Hardie siding for its outstanding qualities. Here are some of them:

  • It is a well-publicized fact that adding fiber-cement siding to the exterior of your home increases your property value.
  • A James Hardie siding installation will maintain its beauty for years to come and with little or no maintenance.
  • Hardie board siding has many choices of natural and appealing wood grain finishes that will increase the curb appeal of your building or home in Naperville.
  • A Hardie siding installation will protect your Naperville home from the most inclement weather, resisting cracking, splitting, and warping.
  • James Hardie siding can stand up to galeforce winds and hail.
  • Our expert siding contractors install the siding so that it will never sag or lose its straight lines.
  • Based on popular demand, the colors and finishes of Hardie siding will suit any style of home or exterior decor.
  • Consistent color quality is guaranteed with the many layers of baked-on protective finishes.
  • Hardie siding can be repainted to freshen up the exterior appeal of your Naperville home.
  • You can be comfortable knowing that James Hardie siding meets local building codes, green construction requirements, and it is also considered non-combustible.

What Are The Benefits of Siding Installation Naperville, IL

Enhance Your Property Value

You can make your house more valuable with the help of the best siding contractors Naperville has to offer. Improve the look and quality of your walls to attract potential buyers.

Make Your Home More Efficient

Increase the power efficiency in your house and save on your bills with a new siding installation. It provides enhanced insulation that won’t allow the heated or cooled air to escape. 

Inspection of Hidden Wall Damage

Siding companies Naperville residents trust have contractors who can identify and repair internal damage. When getting rid of old siding, they can analyze and fix faulty areas.

Keeping the Painting Quality

Vinyl siding is great for maintaining its color and it also simplifies further painting. It will provide you with a look that lasts for many years. Contact SW Buzz Siding Contractors and let a professional advise you on siding solutions. 

Deciding On A Siding For Siding Installation Naperville, IL

Value: The price of siding material is the main thing you have to take into account. Vinyl siding Naperville is one of the best-priced materials you can pick.

Appearance: A house siding can worsen or improve the global appearance of your property. Siding installation Naperville is a perfect way to include definition and color in your house. It is good to ensure that the siding installation you choose matches the style and look of your property. At SW Buzz Siding Contractor Naperville provide different siding options to shape your perfect facade.

Longevity: Each person wants a product that endures. Expert siding contractors Naperville are ready to help you choose the right siding material that is able to withstand snowy winters, heavy winds, and blazing sun. 

Eco: By getting an energy-efficient siding that helps you with utility bills. Metal and Vynil siding installation is part of the materials that are most useful for energy efficiency. 

Learn About Secrets Of Siding Naperville, IL

Naperville Siding projects have evolved over time, and surprisingly not everyone is aware of these amazing changes. Nowadays, Naperville sidings are far beyond providing only aesthetics but creating more energy-efficient homes. On the off chance that you’re on the lookout for new siding, these secrets will assist you with settling on an educated choice.

Secret 1: It is not necessary for a new siding to be painted. Palettes are incorporated into the surfaces of the latest siding options for a long-lasting finish.

Secret 2: Upgrade your fortification with new siding Naperville. You can save up to 40% on your cost of electricity in the event that you do. 

Secret 3: Fiber Cement Siding is by far the most durable siding option currently available. Its combination of concrete and cellulose filaments makes it resistant to deterioration, hail, and heat.

Secret 4: Vinyl siding was simply built using outdated siding material in the past. Although the way vinyl siding twists and melts can provide a bad impression, that isn’t the case here – this one is unique. It’s substantially more trustworthy and robust, as it can resist wind gusts of up to 145 miles per hour.

Secret 5: Adding new siding to your property expands its worth, and another siding establishment will show impacts immediately.

Secret 6: Siding companies Naperville offer a wide choice of various choices and surfaces, guaranteeing that your new siding in a perfect world matches the style of your home and your inclinations.

Siding Installation Naperville, IL - How To Prepare

Clear Path

A siding installation in Naperville needs clear access to the siding for the siding contractors. Clear the area as much as possible.

Yard Cleaning

Take away anything that may get in the way of the siding contractors in Naperville to keep the process moving.

Open Driveway Space

Professional siding companies like SW BUZZ Siding Contractors in Naperville will come prepared to haul your old siding material away. Make space for the bin in your driveway.

Child and Pet Safety

Make it a day away from the house for pets and kids, or keep them inside. A siding installation in Naperville is unsafe and interference can slow the process.

Interior Preparations

Your trusted siding company in Naperville, SW BUZZ Siding Contractors suggests that you remove your hanging interior furnishings to keep them unharmed from the installation vibrations.

Why You Should Hire A Pro To Do Siding Installation Naperville, IL

License and Insurance- A professional siding company Naperville will ensure that your project passes the local and international building codes. In addition, a licensed company means they have all the necessary training and experience to provide you a top-notch siding installation. 

Legal Protection – Professional companies like SW BUZZ Siding Contractors Naperville put everything into writing. Signed contracts will give you protection and insurance that your project will be done according to the agreement. 

Expert Recommendation – SW BUZZ Siding Contractors has handled numerous siding projects. Our siding contractors Naperville are experienced, highly trained, and knowledgeable about all the materials and can make great recommendations.

The Right Tools – No matter how durable your material is, it will not be successful if you don’t have the right tools to perform siding installation. Professionals have all the latest materials and modern techniques. 

Warranty Coverage- Buying the materials yourself will void the warranty of the materials. If problems arise during the installation, you have to fix them by yourself. 

Review Us

At SW BUZZ Siding Contractors, we value your feedback. We invite you to take a moment and fill out the form to leave us a review. Our siding contractors in Naperville would love to add your review to our page to give a better understanding of our next customers about our siding company and how much we value our customer relationships. If you are satisfied with the quality of our siding installation and siding replacement services or products that our siding contractors in Naperville provided you during your service, share your opinion. If you think we can help you again with your next remodeling project, give us a call.

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