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Over the years, SW BUZZ Siding Contractors has served many clients in the local Hickory Hills area. We provide a wide range of services including installation and replacement. We perform anything from general siding installation to specialized vinyl siding installation and James Hardie siding installation. When it comes to siding replacement in Hickory Hills, you can trust our excellent siding contractors to find the best replacement within your allocated budget. 

Our whole crew is committed to bringing you the highest quality results possible to maintain the strong siding, vinyl siding, or Hardie board siding that can weather any storm around.

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors Hickory Hills, IL - Our Services

01. Siding Installation Hickory Hills, IL  

SW BUZZ Siding Contractors provides high-quality siding installation around Hickory Hills. Our siding types come in varying colors and textures to suit your property. We can assist you in choosing the best material for your commercial or residential space for your convenience. Our company will cover the logistics and delivery of new sidings to your property, perform the vinyl siding installation work including the flashing to prevent water infiltration, and clean up after the project has been completed. We also perform James Hardie siding installation near me in Hickory Hills.

02. Siding Replacement Hickory Hills, IL

At SW BUZZ Siding Contractors, we will give your sidings a fresh upgrade with our premium siding replacement for Hickory Hills residences. Our replacement work will surely add appeal to your home and increase the value of your property within reasonable costs. Our expert siding contractors have reliable skills and knowledge with all things sidings. You can trust their professional advice whether for regular or urgent concerns.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding From
BUZZ Siding Contractors Hickory Hills, Il

Vinyl siding from SW BUZZ Siding Contractors near me in Hickory Hills is the most practical option for aesthetic home decoration. Aside from that, it is also easy to install as it is lightweight, making the installation process quicker and easier.
Hardie board and vinyl siding installation can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as insects and rot. It provides a layer of protection to your home to resist exterior damage.
Hardie board and vinyl siding installation can reduce maintenance costs and is easier to clean for homeowners. These sidings have excellent resistance against harmful factors.
Siding companies recommend siding installation for all homeowners as it is proven to help regulate thermal energy in your home.
With its insulating layers that abide by the strictest cable fire protection reviews, you can ensure that your home is safe and secure over the years.
Planning to get a siding replacement or install new ones for your home? Contact our professionals today to discuss your siding needs! You can choose from different styles, shapes, colors and cooperate with our expert siding contractors.

Types of Siding Offered By Our Siding Company Hickory Hills, IL

Finding the perfect siding for your property in Hickory Hills can be challenging especially when you are not familiar with the varieties available. At SW Buzz Siding Contractors, we put together this guide to help you explore your options.

James Hardie Siding Hickory Hills, IL

Our James Hardie siding in Hickory Hills is made with strong fiber cement that is easy to maintain for years ahead. Choose this siding type if you prefer eco-friendly material for worry free use. Contact us anytime for your James Hardie siding installation.

Vinyl Siding Hickory Hills, IL

Our vinyl siding in Hickory Hills is popular among our clients who prefer an affordable siding with a versatile and easy-install material. This type of siding comes in different colors and textures for your choosing. Have our professional siding contractors perform the vinyl siding installation.

Aluminum Siding Hickory Hills, IL

Another affordable option is our aluminum siding, which is made with sturdy, environmentally friendly material that requires little to no maintenance. You can rely on our aluminum siding in Hickory Hills no matter the season. For something that lasts up to 50 years, this material is definitely a must-have!

LP SmartSide Hickory Hills, IL

Moisture resistant and durable – these are only some benefits you can enjoy from our LP SmartSide siding in Hickory Hills. It has zinc borate added for utmost protection against rot and insect infestation. For help with the siding installation work, contact us at SW Buzz Siding Contractors anytime. We are happy to serve you!

Is It Time For a Siding Installation Hickory Hills, IL?

No matter what materials protect your home, it will need to be maintained regularly, and when years to come, it will need to be replaced. This is where our siding company in Hickory Hills comes in. Many signs can help determine where it’s time for you to get a siding installation and siding replacement done. To get a better picture of your home’s condition, contact a regular inspection. Here what you need to look for:

  • Dents, chips, and cracks
  • Damage from birds and other animals
  • Dry Rot
  • Mildew, fungus, and mold

Apart from aesthetics, sidings are the first line of defense against moisture. When you notice the following signs on your sidings, give our siding company a call. SW BUZZ Siding Contractors are here to help you with the siding installation and siding replacement you may need. Call us now!

  • Bubbling or blistered siding
  • Severe fading
  • Repeated painting
  • Your energy cost are out of control
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When you need siding installation or siding replacement, call our company at (847) 693-0122 or click for a free quote! Count on us!

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Why Choose Us - SW Buzz Siding Contractors Hickory Hills, IL


Our siding contractors Hickory Hills are committed to bringing you the best siding for your home. They are dependable and approachable at all times, so you can be sure that your property is well looked after using the most high-quality materials available.

Licensed & Insured

We keep our services honest and legitimate by having all the necessary licensure and insurance. This provides proper protection to the company and the client while a siding installation or siding replacement Hickory Hills is on-going.

Years of experience

At SW BUZZ Siding Contractors, we invest in learning and technology to continuously improve our services. Through our undeniable commitment, we have spent many enriching years serving various clients in the local suburbs.

Free Estimate

Our free estimates are available for you to gauge the budget needed for the work. We disclose all vital information before the actual work, so you can understand the process from our perspective as a siding company Hickory Hills.

Best quality service

We perform high-quality work while using premium-grade materials. Doing so satisfies our clients on top of protecting their homes with an excellent vinyl siding installation to rely on for the coming years.

Fast & Efficient

We follow safety protocols and home association regulations for a secure Hardie siding installation Hickory Hills. We save time by doing our work properly and with no materials ever wasted.

At SW BUZZ Siding Contractors near me in Hickory Hills, we will handle everything for you and inform you thoroughly of every step to help you align your expectations with our work. Let us know if you have specific concerns and we will gladly help you out. Call us!

People Sey About Our Siding Contractors Hickory Hills, IL

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.

Courtney Hunter Hickory Hills, IL
SW BUZZ Siding Contractors proved that quality work doesn't have to be expensive. From the siding replacement to the vinyl siding installation for our Hickory Hills residence, everything was done flawlessly, exceeding the expectations we set. Thanks a lot!
Theo Baker Hickory Hills, IL
No one could have done it better than SW BUZZ Siding Contractors! I’m not a first-time client and I always get their services for my siding needs in Hickory Hills. They always provide the best work possible. As a loyal customer, I appreciate their 100% efforts.
Joseph Owen Hickory Hills, IL
I know good things take time, but SW BUZZ Siding Contractors is a game changer with their EFFICIENT and HIGH-QUALITY services! First, I got their James Hardie siding installation, and then their siding replacement next.

Questions To Ask If You Want To Hire Siding Contractors Hickory Hills, IL

How long have you been doing siding installation in Hickory Hills?

If siding contractors near me in Hickory Hills have many years of experience, it is more likely to have what it takes to address your siding installation or siding replacement project. 

Do you offer James Hardie Installation?

James Hardie siding is the only firm that allows siding contractors in Hickory Hills who have been trained and certified in the installation process. It means that a company that offers James Hardie installation has enough training and is certified.

When is payment expected and the schedule?

Some siding contractors near me in Hickory Hills ask for a downpayment, and some companies ask you to pay after the project. It is advisable to find a company that does not ask for a total payment upfront to avoid being scammed. Also, ask for the job timeline and an itemized list of what you’re paying for.

Do you offer warranties or guarantees for the siding and workmanship?

It’s wise to know the coverage of your siding and the warranty of workmanship. This is to ensure that you are dealing with a good siding company in Hickory Hills that values their work.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding Hickory Hills, IL

Many property owners wonder what’s the best way to clean vinyl siding. The professionals at SW BUZZ Siding Contractor, the siding company Hickory Hills residents trust, have the answer for you. Siding is efficient at reducing the maintenance required to keep your home in good condition. Vinyl has the advantage of being weatherproof and resisting dust and dirt, however periodic maintenance from a reliable siding contractor is always necessary.

A coat of dirt can cause decay in the vinyl. If you want to keep a nice appearance, wash away the accumulation of dirt and dust. Using a hose a few times a year is the ideal way to get rid of this build-up. General advice from the best siding companies Hickory Hills has, is to also scrub every year to keep a flawless look. If this sounds complex to you, find specialized devices for vinyl siding cleaning. This can make the job significantly easier for you.