SW Buzz Siding Installation Naperville, IL

A house is a significant investment. Updating and maintaining your home helps preserve its value and make it easier to sell at a good price the moment you want to sell it. Attending to your home’s imperfections and looking after it can protect it from worse damages.

Deciding to get a siding installation in your home in Naperville is among the most practical solutions to increase and preserve the value of your home. An exciting part of getting a new siding installation in Naperville is the wide variety of colors, materials, and styles you can choose from. If it seems difficult to decide what is best for your home, our experts can advise you on which siding suits your budget and home.

We only utilize high-quality and durable materials from the industry’s most trusted siding manufacturers.

At Buzz Siding Installation in Naperville, you are sure to work with experienced and reliable contractors. Call Buzz Siding Installation now!

Siding Installation Naperville, IL - Process

Old Siding Must Be Removed: The tear-off process begins once the materials and dumpster arrive. In most cases, all of the old siding will be removed, down to the home’s exterior sheeting.

Wrapping the House and Preparing for Siding Installation: Apply the house wrap. Furring strips can then be installed to ensure a plumb and level of siding installation in Naperville. Finally, the corner posts, starter strip, J-Channel, f-Channel, and window trim must be installed before the siding can be installed.

Siding Installation in Naperville: Whatever style and profile of siding you choose, it will all be mechanically fastened to the house. The type of fastener will be determined by the siding style.

Soffit and Fascia: After the J-channel and f-Channel are installed, the fascia and soffit can be installed before the siding.

Waste Cleanup and Disposal: It’s time to load the tools back and start cleaning up your house and yard.